Interesting History Research Paper Topics

Settling on history research paper ideas is often accompanied by some hesitation. Every student wants to find that perfect topic that ticks all their boxes. While that’s a sound approach, it isn’t necessarily straightforward. That’s why this guide is here to help!

To ensure your success, we’ve outlined history paper topics that will captivate your interest, align with your course, and have abundant sources to support your study. These topics will equip you with a diverse range of compelling subjects for history research papers to jumpstart your journey toward academic excellence.

So, if you still need to decide on your topic, read on, and let’s begin.

Great history topic ideas for you

Students are often required to perform a significant study on a specific historical event, person, or era and present an interpretation of their findings in history research papers. Gathering and assessing primary and secondary materials, such as books, articles, records, and artefacts, is part of the research process. A research paper about history should deliver a well-researched, intelligent, and convincing argument based on the data acquired.

Keeping these in mind, we’ve compiled 75 topics for history papers you can choose from.

American history research paper topics

  1. The American revolution: its causes, consequences, and legacy
  2. The Civil War and its impact on the nation
  3. The civil rights movement and the struggle for equality
  4. The Cold War and its impact on the American society
  5. The great depression and its effect on modern America
  6. The founding fathers and the constitution of the United States
  7. The rise of the United States as a super country and leading world power
  8. How American democracy spread across Europe
  9. The roaring twenties: its culture, politics, and legacy
  10. The Vietnam War: its causes, consequences, and legacy
  11. The American West: its mythology and reality
  12. The origin and evolution of the US navy

European history research paper topics

  1. The renaissance and its influence on European culture
  2. The reformation and its impact on European society
  3. The French revolution and its consequences
  4. The industrial revolution and its effects on European society
  5. The rise of nationalism in Europe
  6. World War I and its impact on Europe
  7. World War II and its effects on European politics and society
  8. The Minoan civilization: its history and archaeology
  9. The Hellenistic period: its culture and legacy
  10. Ancient Rome: its architecture, engineering, and infrastructure
  11. The history and rise of the great cathedrals of Europe
  12. The rise, impact, and fall of the Roman Empire

World history topics for research paper

  1. The age of exploration and its consequences
  2. The rise and fall of ancient civilizations
  3. The spread of religion and its impact on world history
  4. The rise and fall of empires
  5. The global impact of the industrial revolution
  6. The impact of colonialism and imperialism on world history
  7. The Cold War and its impact on regional and world politics
  8. The Russian revolution and its effects on Europe
  9. The holocaust and its consequences
  10. The Enlightenment and its impact on European thought
  11. The legionnaires: rise and impact

Ancient history research paper topics

  1. Ancient Greece: its politics, culture, and society
  2. The Roman Empire: its rise, fall, and legacy
  3. Ancient Egypt: its religion, culture, and achievements
  4. The rise, rule, and fall of the Mayan civilization
  5. The Aztecs: their religion, society, and conquest
  6. The role of women in ancient societies
  7. The impact of ancient philosophers on modern thought
  8. The age of colonialism and its effects on indigenous peoples
  9. The African slave trade and its legacy
  10. The Chinese revolution and its impact on world history

World history before 1500 paper topics

  1. The great dynasty of Mesopotamia and the Egyptian civilization
  2. Ancient India: its religion, society, and culture
  3. Ancient China: its dynasties, philosophy, and culture
  4. The Greeks and Persians: their conflicts and interactions
  5. The Silk Road: history, trade, and cultural exchange
  6. The Silk Road: its impact on trade and culture
  7. The rise and spread of Islam and its impact on world history
  8. The Crusades: their causes, consequences, and legacy
  9. The Neolithic revolution: its causes, consequences, and legacy
  10. Ancient Persia: its empire, religion, and culture

Art history research paper topics

  1. The Renaissance artists and their works
  2. The Baroque Era: its style and influence
  3. The Impressionist Movement and its legacy
  4. The role of art in ancient societies
  5. The evolution of the art of the ancient Greeks and Romans
  6. The impact of Modern Art on Contemporary Culture
  7. The evolution of photography as an art form
  8. The Surrealist Movement and its legacy
  9. The Bauhaus school and its influence on modern design
  10. African art: its cultural significance and influence on modern art

History research paper topics for college students

  1. The role of women in American history
  2. The impact of technology on modern society
  3. The evolution of democracy and its impact on society
  4. The Environmental Movement and its impact on society
  5. The changing role of religion in society
  6. The civil rights movement and its transforming effect on the American society
  7. The changing face of immigration and emigration in the United States
  8. The Civil War reconstruction: its challenges, policies, and legacy
  9. The women’s Suffrage Movement and its impact on American society
  10. The American education system: its history, challenges, and reforms

There are numerous quality topics for history research papers. The topics listed here can be a starting point for your research. So, pick one and unlock your inspiration for writing.

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