Historical Society of Marshall County
Historical Society of Marshall County
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The Historical Society is exclusively funded through the Sower Trust, membership dues, but above all through private donations. We receive no financial support from any municipal, county, or state source.

Our organization has been enriching the lives of Marshall County residents and visitors in countless ways since 1908. Examples of our benefits are:

  • Preserving and protecting artifacts for future generations.
  • Our wonderful Museum, open 30 hours per week and by appointment. Visitors are given tours and provided assistance with historical and genealogical research. All Marshalltown 3rd grade students tour the Museum.
  • Our newest site, the Mowry Irvine Mansion, is a house museum where we showcase the citizens that have made the county what it is today. Also featured at this site is local art and artists.
  • Central Iowa Genealogical Society’s library is housed in the Museum, and assists guests with research.
  • We maintain the Glick-Sower Victorian house museum. All Marshalltown 3rd grade students tour the house. 
  • We maintain the 1913 Taylor #4 Country School which provides free, full-day reenactments for all Marshall County 4th grade children.
  • We oversee the Edel Blacksmith Shop in Haverhill.
  • We give free monthly programs on historical topics at our Museum.
  • We provide speakers for other community organization events.
  • Both the Mowry Irvine Mansion and the Museum are available to the public for private meetings and catered events. 

Our Historical Society is in its 110th year of operation. Please help us continue to keep history alive in Marshall County. We need your ongoing support in order to sustain this very important community-dedicated organization. We would be very grateful for your tax-deductible gift. 

To become a member or donate, you can mail your check and this form

to the address below, or click on one of the links below to make the donation of your choice. Thank you for your support!
Historical Society of Marshall County
202 East Church Street, Marshalltown, IA 50158

Remember us in your long-term planning by donating to one of our Community Foundation of Marshall County endowment funds: 

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